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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Please see our guidelines for care on jewellery items purchased from ourselves in order that your item remains in good condition and is cared for properly:

Sterling Silver

We will always state if an item is sterling silver when purchased. Items that are sterling silver should not tarnish if looked after properly, they can oxidise through long periods of exposure out in the open air, so we do advise that they are kept in a pouch or grip plastic bag to keep it air tight. Silver can be polished up easily with a silver cloth or with a silver dip to brighten them up.

Gold/Rose Plated Jewellery

All plated jewellery will tarnish through wear, most jewellery that we sell will be sterling silver based with an 18ct or 22ct gold plating, there are some items that will be made of a base metal and plated, however this will be stated on all product descriptions.

Plated jewellery must be not be worn in water and you must be careful with all creams, perfumes and fake tans as this will turn the plating black and discolour them.

Plated items worn daily will gradually fade in colour as this is not a permanent colour and cannot be polished with a cloth, they can only be re-dipped gold.

Gold Vermeil Jewellery

Vermeil is a silver-gilt and is a mixture of silver and gold precious metals. It can only be considered vermeil if the base metal is a precious metal and the gold has to be a thickness of 2.5 microns thick. Vermeil is harder wearing that your typical plating and so can be a good option if you wish to wear your item of gold jewellery every day and in and out of water, as it is less likely to discolour, They can also be polished up with a polishing cloth to restore the shine.

Base Metal

Base metal products that we sell will all be nickel free, so they can still be worn if you have a nickel allergy, but they are NOT suitable for customers who can only wear real metal and have allergies to anything that is not sterling silver, We will always state in a description if something is a base metal, even if it has a plating on top. Base metal can tarnish and dull in colour through wear and cannot be polished or cleaned up easily.

Fine Diamond Jewellery

We will always state in the description the weight of the metal of fine diamond jewellery, so it will tell you if the item is 9ct, 18ct or platinum. 9ct in either yellow gold or white gold is harder wearing than 18ct but it will not have the same strong yellow colour. All items in precious metals can be professionally polished up and can be worn daily and not removed as they are designed to be harder wearing and the colour is pure.

If items have diamonds in, we advise that in order to keep it looking cleaner and brighter, that all items like this are removed when showering or in water. The diamonds cannot be harmed or damaged but they can dull and look dirty if soap or product gets onto them. These can all be professionally cleaned to look like new.