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Our Gemstone Collections

November 23, 2018

Our Gemstone Collections

As a company we endeavour to always to produce something new and exciting for our customers, at a great price point and our new gemstone collection is no exception. We also want to provide you the customers with a knowledge of what you are purchasing. 

In this blog we are giving you the information you need to understand these unique and amazing stones and pieces of jewellery and we will also be giving information on our Instagram feed and stories to help you and your staff out. 

ntx0991, ntx0998, ntx1120.jpg

Rose Cut Sapphires: These beautifully cut sapphire stones are part of our From The Earth Collection, these are a great alternative to your traditional Sapphires, if your customer is looking for something unusual and at a cheaper price point for a larger stone, rose cuts are a good option. 

These stones are faceted on the top of the stone with a flat bottom, all the facets are geometrical shape and take on the name rose cut because they are cut like the petals of a rose. The flat bottom makes for a more subdued colour due to the light reflecting only from the domed top but they often have a larger spread across the top. 

They are often referred to as a vintage cut as these were one of the original ways that gemstones and diamonds were cut in the early 1500's and now they bridge the gap between modern and antique jewellery especially set in a modern cluster design. 


Ametrine: These beautiful bi-colour stones are a mix of Amethyst and Citrine with definite zoned purple and yellow colour. They are a quartz stone using an oxidation to cause this unique colour change, with no two stones ever being the same this is definitely a unique purchase . 


All Ametrine stones come from mines in Bolivia and we have been sourcing new cuts in these stones, including lazer cuts creating an amazing effect throughout the stone. 



Green Tanzanite:  These are Tanzanite stones that have been heat treated in a different way allowing the natural green and blue colours to come through the stone. 

These are naturally imperfect in colour, but create the most beautiful colour change and can vary from being very green in colour to definite bi-colour with hues of blue.

Green Tanzanite.jpg
watermelon tourmaline.jpg
ntx1110 & ntx1111.jpg
Watermelon Tourmaline Slices: These are by far our most popular and talked about gemstones. These raw and natural slices are taken from the inside of a bi-colour tourmaline
While Tourmaline stones grow upright and form thick crystals the middle can be cut straight through revealing this amazing slice with a heart of pink colour surrounded by green. 
We have created unique pieces of jewellery in both the raw natural state surrounded by diamonds as well as some that have been polished on top creating a cabuchon finish. 


Gold Sheen.jpg

Gold Sheen Sapphire: These are often referred as golden sapphires and are mined in Kenya. The cause of the metallic gold colour, it is not a transparent colour stone but reflects blue, greens and yellow colours. 

The aluminium oxide and the mix of minerals in the stone are what create these unusual colours and when faceted on the top of the stone you are able to see the mix of colours. 

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